MSc (Multimedia Studies)

Last Updated: 31 july 2018

  • Master of Science (Multimedia Studies)

    The main aim of this programme is to produce graduates who can work independently, skilled, competent, creative and innovative, with in-depth knowledge in their related areas of reseach and are able to contribute to the body of knowledge.

    Master of Science (Multimedia Studies) is offered in one mode:

    •   Full Research



    Dr. Bahtiar Bin Mohamad 
    Tel: +604-928 5815
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    This programme is offered by full research. Students are required to: 

    1 Attend and pass the following courses (if necessary) with at least B grade:
    SZRZ 6014 Research Methodology 
    SCLE 6014 Academic Writing and/or Any other course as determined by the supervisor or Academic Committee
    2 Present and defend the proposed research to a committee.
    3 Present progress reports of research work at colloquiums arranged by the Graduate School or College.
    4 Attend a viva session to defend the thesis; and
    5 Submit a final thesis.
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    Research Areas

    The research areas of Master of Science (Multimedia Studies) are (but not limited to):

    1. Creative Digital Content
    2. Multimedia Design
    3. Edutainment & E-Learning
    4. Courseware Development
    5. Multimedia Production
    6. Creative Programming
    7. Mobile Content Development
    8. Digital Storytelling
    9. Human Computer Interaction
    10. Game Design & Development
    11. Animation Design & Development
    12. Digital Content Entrepreneurship
    13. Ethics in Content Development
    14. Virtual & Augmented Reality

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